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Тема: Светска економска криза и Србија (II)

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# Наслов чланка Аутор
151 US Military Threats Directed against China Yang Yi
152 U.S. Military Buildup On Chinese, Iranian And Russian Borders Rick Rozoff
153 Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran Michel Chossudovsky
154 Obama and The Middle East Avni Dogru
155 The Geopolitics of Turkey: Searching for More Stratfor
156 Dissonance between macroeconomic policy and developmental interests of export-oriented sectors in Serbia Ognjen Radonjić
157 Krajina: Largest Act of Ethnic Cleansing since the Holocaust Carl Savich
158 The Death of Paper Money Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
159 IMF: Trapping Countries into Debt - The Case of Hungary Zoltan Zigedy
160 China Calls Our Bluff Washington's Blog
161 The Geopolitical Emancipation of Turkey Lukasz Reszczynski
162 International Court Decision Could Encourage Separatists John R. Bolton
163 Time for partition in Kosovo Ivor Roberts
164 If Kosovo, Why Not Palestine? John V. Whitbeck
165 ICJ on Kosovo: Less Than Meets the Eye James Jatras
166 In the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court, The Government of the Republic of Serbia versus Ejup Ganic Tim Workman
167 Kosovo – Consequences of the ICJ Opinion Stratfor
168 Accordance with international law of the unilateral declaration of indepedence in respect of Kosovo International Court of Justice
169 Kosovo in danger of further stalemate Ian Bancroft
170 Kosovo holds its breath as ICJ prepares to rule on independence Peter Beaumont
171 Merkel's Rules for Bankruptcy Christian Reiermann
172 The EU Banking System Is In Big Trouble Mike Whitney
173 Bosnian Lessons Gordon N. Bardos
174 Departing Europe Doug Bandow
175 A Time to Appease Paul Kennedy
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