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NSPM in English

Putin's Game

Seth Robinson   
nedelja, 01. novembar 2009.

Russia's withdrawal of support for the Iranian nuclear program might jeopardize these other lucrative deals. Even more problematic, Russian government officials rarely resign from their high-power positions at state-owned companies, so they stand to gain personally from continued or increasing ties with Iran.

NSPM in English

The Kremlin Begs To Differ

Dimitri K. Simes and Paul J. Saunders   
sreda, 28. oktobar 2009.

One doesn’t need to be a Russian domestic radical or a foreign Russophobe to see major flaws in the way Russia is ruled. Dmitri Medvedev, has catalogued its problems: "an inefficient economy, semi-Soviet social sphere, influential groups of corrupt officials who want to squeeze the profits from the remnants of Soviet industry".

NSPM in English

Take Me Back to Constantinople

Edward Luttwak   
petak, 23. oktobar 2009.

When diplomacy and subversion are not enough and fighting is unavoidable, use methods and tactics that exploit enemy weaknesses, avoid consuming combat forces, and patiently whittle down the enemy's strength. All is constantly changing as rulers and nations rise and fall.

NSPM in English

Why can't Afghanistan be more like Sweden?

Simon Jenkins   
četvrtak, 22. oktobar 2009.

If Bin Laden cannot be found, if the Taliban cannot be eliminated, if troops cannot be withdrawn, if victory cannot be declared, then western leaders must find a reason for soldiers to die. Like Crusaders, they are told to die for the sacrament of a holy grail.

NSPM in English

Death of 'Soul of Capitalism:' Bogle, Faber, Moore

Paul B. Farrell   
utorak, 20. oktobar 2009.

"America Capitalism" is a "Lost Soul" ... we've lost our moral compass ... the coming collapse is the end of an "inevitable" historical cycle stalking all great empires to their graves. Downsize your lifestyle expectations, trust no one, not even media.

NSPM in English

Lisbon treaty: Painful birth

The Guardian   
utorak, 06. oktobar 2009.

Its passage has evoked such powerful Eurosceptic currents that by default it has established the opposite of what it set out to achieve – the limits of European integration and expansion. Croatia and possibly Iceland will join, but Turkey and Ukraine seem less, not more, likely to do so.

NSPM in English

Flying Pigs Saga Continued

F. William Engdahl   
četvrtak, 01. oktobar 2009.

Even though the WHO admits it is not testing patients for H1N1 around the world, they also state that the H1N1 "pandemic virus" is becoming more common than the common seasonal flu virus. A simple question in the interest of accuracy: How in hell's blazes do they know that if they stopped testing around the world? Gut feeling?

NSPM in English

The End of Socialism

Jacob Heilbrunn   
utorak, 29. septembar 2009.
Is President Obama listening to the message of the German election? It couldn’t be clearer: no new taxes. Germany has decisively rejected the tired nostrums of the SDP, which campaigned on raising taxes on the wealthy and was the junior partner of the Christian Democrats in a grand coalition during the past four years.
NSPM in English

A New Monroe Doctrine

Ted Galen Carpenter   
utorak, 22. septembar 2009.

Moscow needs to be told that even reasonably good relations between Russia and the US will depend significantly on a change of its policy regarding Venezuela. President Obama has made a conciliatory gesture with the end of the missile defense plan for Central Europe. It is time for Medvedev and Putin to reciprocate.

NSPM in English

Win, Hold and Lose

Ted Galen Carpenter   
sreda, 02. septembar 2009.

Containing and weakening al Qaeda may be possible, but building Afghanistan into a modern, democratic country is not. The increasingly evident failures of nation-building in Bosnia and Iraq-which were both more promising candidates than Afghanistan-should have taught us that lesson.

NSPM in English

Lenin was right

Slavoj Žižek   
petak, 30. oktobar 2009.

I am a Leninist. Lenin wasn't afraid to dirty his hands. That's what I miss in today's left. When you get power, if you can, grab it, even if it is a desperate situation. Do whatever is possible. This is why I supported - ok, my support doesn't mean anything, but as a public gesture- Obama.

NSPM in English

Britain is still a big player - Europe needs us

David Miliband   
utorak, 27. oktobar 2009.

Europe’s enlargement has been an important force for democracy in former dictatorships. We need further advance. The western Balkans, Turkey and Ukraine all want to join eventually. We should welcome them.

NSPM in English

The Babysitter

Nikolas K. Gvosdev   
petak, 23. oktobar 2009.
Much of the coverage of Joe Biden’s visit to east-central Europe has concentrated on the “reassurance” role—the promise that the US has not “abandoned” the region or is preparing to cut some sort of nefarious, Yalta-style deal with Moscow that ratifies a new Russian sphere of influence in the east of Europe.
NSPM in English

The China Syndrome

Doug Bandow   
četvrtak, 22. oktobar 2009.

The outcome of the twenty-first century depends much on the nature of the relationship between the globe’s superpower, the United States, and the globe’s likely next superpower, China. America’s rise transformed the international order without causing world conflict, while Germany’s ascent triggered two global conflagrations. 

NSPM in English

“Russian” streets – Serbian disgrace

Đorđe Vukadinović   
ponedeljak, 19. oktobar 2009.

The victory over fascism cannot simply be washed out and do without the Russian (Soviet) seal and blood, even though some people may be unwilling to hear it. Not that we should not talk about the good and the bad sides of Soviet “real socialism”, which also applies to “real capitalism”.

NSPM in English

Not Even A Bronze For Chicago In Bidding For 2016 Olympics

Paul J. Saunders   
nedelja, 04. oktobar 2009.

Having the 2016 games in Chicago would have been nice, but certainly should not be a major foreign policy goal for the United States. America has hosted the Olympic Games many times and does not particularly need the visibility or the expense.

NSPM in English

The Return of Germany

sreda, 30. septembar 2009.

Germany is awake. It is thinking for itself. It has its own policy preferences, its own energy preferences and its own security preferences. It already is showing signs of developing autonomy in foreign policy and energy matters, and it is very likely only a matter of time before it starts developing autonomy in security matters.

NSPM in English

Why We Can't Leave

Bruce Hoffman   
subota, 26. septembar 2009.

Clearly, defending Afghanistan will not eradicate a terrorist network based in Pakistan. But failing to defend Afghanistan will almost certainly give al-Qaeda new momentum and greater freedom of action. Sanctuary appears to be quite important to al-Qaeda and its allies.

NSPM in English

Petition Against EULEX Violating Kosova’s Sovereignty

Group of East-European intellectuals   
četvrtak, 17. septembar 2009.

EULEX is acting as a sovereign of the country. An agreement with Serbia on police, courts and customs is on the top of their agenda. This is a flagrant violation of Kosova’s (formal) sovereignty. We support the demonstration against the agreements of EULEX with Serbia.

NSPM in English

Bosnia Continues to Unravel

Steven E. Meyer   
četvrtak, 27. avgust 2009.

Consequently, ever since 1995 Bosnia has been on a downward spiral. Bosnia is an artificial state that has never gelled into a viable, unified political community. Sadly, Western powers, especially the United States, cling desperately to the myth of Bosnia.

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